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The landscape in the new era of energy transition: Challenges, investment opportunities and technological innovations

Metropolitan Hotel Athens

18-20 May 2017

Conference overview and objectives

The HAEE- Hellenic Association for Energy Economics (Greek affiliate of the IAEE - The International Association for Energy Economics) is organizing the 2nd HAEE Energy Conference that will take place in Athens, Greece, between 18 and 20 May 2017, and will focus on challenging energy, economic and environmental issues. The Conference aims at providing an international forum for the exchange of ideas, research results, and experiences among experts and professionals engaged in academic, business, government, national and international organizations, working in all areas related to energy, environment and economy. 

It is an undeniable fact that we are witnessing a new evolving era in the global energy scenery. This non-stable situation poses serious questions, challenges and opportunities for countries, industries, professionals and academics. Apart from globally oriented concerns, the Conference will focus on the European energy sector which should constantly adopt to such uncertain environments as for example the South-Eastern European region, which is a very sensitive area due to continuously changing geopolitical and social conditions. 

Which are currently and which should be in the future the main energy priorities (globally or for the EU)? Which are the major political actions and initiatives that should be taken the following years? How can the oil and gas price dynamics and expectations interfere with global or regional energy policy decisions? How can regional energy security be assured while in the same time local geopolitics are constantly changing? Does the South-Eastern EU region have the potential to host important energy related infrastructures and networks? Which is the anticipated diffusion potential of renewable energy projects under the existing status of low energy prices? Which are the necessary actions in order to balance between energy security, reduction of environmental implications and social prosperity? Will shipping and aviation play an important role in the transportation and consumption of energy? 

Answers to these and many other questions will be sought during the academic and industry oriented sessions of the Conference. Athens is ideal for this conference as it is strategically located, allowing it to have an important role for conventional and renewable energy related policies in this era. In addition, Athens is the ideal location for the Conference as it combines unique ancient monuments, museums and scenery, all these in a modern and vivid city in the Mediterranean shores with lots of social and cultural activities. Thus the Conference will provide a unique opportunity exchange of academic knowledge, for networking and enhancing communication amongst all participants. 


Proposed topics

  • How can countries prepare for the new era of global energy transition
  • Challenges, investment opportunities and technological innovations in the energy sector
  • Policies and measures towards a Europe Energy Roadmap to 2050
  • Global and EU climate policy and emission trading schemes
  • Mitigation and adaptation measures for global and regional environmental challenges
  • Regional geopolitical uncertainty and challenges in gas supply and transportation
  • Will alternative fuels (such as CNG, LNG, hydrogen, etc.) help swift from the traditional hydrocarbon fuels in the transportation sector?
  • LNG and shale gas: security of supply and potential market developments
  • Industrial sector: challenges for the transition to a low-carbon economy
  • New perspectives for energy markets
  • Fluctuation of energy prices and their impact on regional policies
  • Regional energy supply and security
  • Energy related smart grids and their efficient management
  • Decentralized energy production and grid management
  • Decentralized networks: anticipated fact or future faux
  • Energy efficiency and storage: facilities and energy security
  • Technological innovation in energy storage
  • Smart energy and environmental sensing
  • Smart cities and their role to emerging energy technologies and consumers’ behavior
  • Energy efficiency in buildings: EU and regional approaches
  • Renewables and their potential for the East Med region
  • Green transportation: how will environmental compliance lead to increased costs
  • Ports and airports as energy hubs and prosumers
  • Development & deployment of electric vehicles fleet
  • Electric or green vehicles?
  • Environmental laws and barriers for their enforcement
  • Intelligent and sustainable management of environment and water resources


Concurrent sessions

Concurrent sessions will be organized based on the accepted abstracts and will be divided to the following three categories:

1. Academic research related to energy, environment and economy

2. Case studies involving applied energy, environmental and economic issues

3. Industry oriented cases

All sessions and presentations are intended to facilitate the sharing of both academic and professional experiences and exchange best practices and lessons learned.


Hotel Acommodation

Discounted rates have been arranged for the participants at the Metropolitan Hotel, where the conference will be held.

Please follow the link below to book your room (breakfast included):


Password: HAEE2017

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